About Us

CAFE charity was founded in 2003 by Ruth Harris. She was inspired by the plight of her mother, who was a resident in a care home where few activities were provided. Ruth felt that pastimes such as painting, flower arranging, music and singing would enrich and stimulate their lives. She set about finding like-minded people to volunteer and so CAFE charity was born! CAFE charity celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2013 and, with its creative volunteers strives to bring more enjoyment to residents in care homes, day care centres and sheltered housing around the counties of Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Lady S 'n Ruth

Lady Saye & Sele, of Broughton, gives CAFE charity tremendous support in all aspects of its cause, and we are delighted and honoured to have her as our Patron.

CAFE charity is a self financing charity arranging concerts, quizzes, art exhibitions, coffee mornings and dances to fund ourselves. We have care homes, sheltered housing and day care centres who pay an annual membership fee. We also have associate members who pay an annual fee that helps support our work.

Our current volunteers include individual musicians, musical groups, art and craft volunteers, and volunteers who read prose and poetry.

We believe creative expression is a basic human need and maintains our sense of well-being. This becomes particularly important for the elderly whose lives may be restricted through illness or infirmity. Research has shown that positive effects are gained from participation in art or musical expression by the elderly.